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Munchkin Cat BabyMunchkin Cats Concerns

Munchkins can't climb or jump and have been variously labeled freaks of nature and mini-legged mutants. Various groups have sought bans on the breed, which exploits a genetic mutation, because of long-term health concerns for the cats.

Cat Fancy magazine says Munchkins will be refused pedigree status or advertising space in official publications, which they hope will keep them from becoming fashionable.

Groups argue that it is against the very nature of cats not to be able to jump, climb and hunt and that it is outrageous to breed a cat against the rules of nature.

Munchkin Cat

There have also been reports they can suffer later in life with problems with their spines and joints. This fear was dismantled in 1995, when many breeders examined their Munchkin’s for spinal problems and they were healthy.

There are some rare documented cases of cats suffering from spinal problems, but their occurrence is not higher than in other cat species.

The only practical risk of Munchkin cats is that if they are out in the garden it won't be easy for them to escape from any predator because of their little legs.

Munchkins have a greater ability to move backwards though. In order to keep Munchkin cats safe, they should be kept indoors more.