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Little Munchkin CatMunchkin Cats

The Munchkin cat is a breed of cat that has incredibly tiny legs.

In fact, they are three times shorter than those on an average cat.

The genetic flaw is designed to appeal to owners who want "something a little bit different".

But it also means that Munchkins, named after the characters in The Wizard of Oz, cannot jump as well as normal cats.  They also have to be kept indoors because they find it hard to defend themselves.

Munchkins have large personalities and they are extremely affectionate cats. They are also very playful characters and make great companions to children.

Because their ability to climb and jump is reduced due to their shorter legs, they are the perfect cats for families that do not like their pet climb on the furniture.

But make no mistake, even if their legs are shorter, they are still able to jump, but they will jump less than their long-legged companions.

They are a very unusual breed, a sort of cat dachshund, but their shape doesn’t affect their health. The only risk is that if they are out in the garden it won't be easy for them to escape any predator because of their little legs.

There are no real disadvantages in their condition: they ambulate very well, turn faster than a normal cat and can run backwards. In fact, they have a pretty good reverse gear.

Baby Munchkin CatMunchkin Cats